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How to Successfully Use IFTTT App in Your Marketing Strategy

If you want to boost your marketing to another level, then IFTTT is the right tool for you.

IFTTT stands for IF THIS THEN THAT, and it's a web-based service, where users create applets in form of conditional statements between two web assets.

When the statement is positive, IFTTT performs an action on your connected asset passively.

And who does not want passive actions on the web while doing other, more important things for its business?

No one? That's what I thought.

So how does IFTTT app works?

Its main engine are applets, which users create, and they run with the help of services.

Here, I'll give 5 examples of applets (previously recipes) that I'm using for my websites, and you should be using too:

1️⃣ If RSS feed on my blog is updated ➡ Publish the post on а Tumblr blog

2️⃣ If RSS feed on my blog is updated ➡ Publish the post on а Blogger blog

3️⃣ If RSS feed on my blog is updated ➡ Get the featured image an publish on Pinterest

4️⃣ If RSS feed on Washington Post…

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